At Ease During Your Dental Visit
From Nitrous Oxide

Unfortunately, many people fear the dentist, suffer from some degree of dental phobia, or at the very least, are hesitant to visit the dentist for routine care. This fear shouldn’t stop a person from undergoing dental treatment, however; with modern dental sedation, it’s possible to provide individuals who experience dental anxiety with a deep state of relaxation for improved care. One of the most popular and effective forms of dental sedation is nitrous oxide. Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” due to the state of euphoria it can provide, nitrous oxide sedation affords a number of benefits over other sedation options. At Silvers Family Dental Care, we offer our patients a range of sedation dentistry options to satisfy their needs, as we are committed not only to providing our patients with sound oral health for a lifetime, but with a pleasant dental experience as well.

Whether you’ve seen nitrous oxide sedation fictionalized in television or film, or know someone who has undergone nitrous oxide sedation and came away satisfied with the experience, we encourage you to contact Silvers Family Dental Care today if have any questions about how it works. We are sure to educate our patients so that they can make informed decisions, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can rest assured, we would be happy to explain what steps we can take to help you not only cope with, but tackle your dental phobia.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation – How
Does It Work?

With nitrous oxide sedation, there are no needles, no pills that must be taken prior to treatment, and no need to worry about the effects of your sedation lasting for several hours after your treatment is over. The administration process for nitrous oxide sedation involves a simple procedure:

Step 1 – Day of: Prior to your procedure, Dr. Silvers will administer your nitrous oxide sedation through a breathing apparatus that is placed over the nose and mouth. Contrary to popular belief, we actually administer a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, as pure nitrous oxide can only be used for extremely short periods of time. Typically, we’ll gradually increase the dosage until the right amount has been reached. One of the many benefits of nitrous oxide sedation, in addition to the fact that no needles are necessary and that it is fast-acting, is that it can be modulated as necessary during treatment.

Step 2 – The Procedure: During your dental procedure, you’ll be able to respond to commands and questions if needed. Though nitrous oxide sedation can be utilized to place a person in a dream-like state, we prefer conscious sedation. Once the appropriate level of sedation has been reached, you can expect a feeling of euphoria, contentedness, or well-being, and may feel slightly sleepy. During this time, you will experience no anxiety of any kind.

Step 3 – After the Procedure: Unlike IV sedation and oral conscious sedation, whose effects last for a set amount of time, the effects of nitrous oxide sedation wear off completely within five to 10 minutes after it has stopped being administered. Patients who undergo nitrous oxide sedation require no escort, and can drive to and from the dental office on their own. Additionally, if for any reason a patient reacts adversely to nitrous oxide sedation, the treatment can be stopped immediately by simply removing the applicator mask. With IV and oral conscious sedation, the effects must be endured.

Effective, convenient, practical, and offering a number of benefits over other types of sedation, nitrous oxide sedation is the first choice for many of our patients. If you suffer from dental phobia and have put off treatment for far too long, allow us to help you maintain your oral health and revitalize your smile.

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