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Your hardworking teeth need to be regularly maintained in order to keep your smile both functional and beautiful. Exceptional general dentistry at Silvers Family Dental Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania can provide the routine oral health care you need to keep your teeth bright and strong. It is recommended that you visit us at least twice every year as part of your regular oral health plan. Dr. Silvers and the rest of our friendly staff are on hand to develop a dental plan that works just for you.

For more information about the various general dentistry procedures offered in our Harrisburg-based dental facility, contact Dr. Silvers today to schedule a private, one-on-one consultation.

A bright, healthy smile can boost your confidence and even your quality of life.

Why Regularly Visit the Dentist?

For both your health and for your wallet, the most effective dentistry is preventative in nature. Once oral disease or decay begins, dental cost can rise as a patient’s oral health declines. General dentistry can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive dental restorative dentistry work in the future. It is an added benefit to build a working relationship with Dr. Silvers. We work hard to give all of our patients the care that is best for their own individual needs.

General Dentistry Procedures

The treatments that one can expect from general dentistry visits vary depending on how much time has elapsed since the previous visit, the condition of the teeth and gums, and other factors. Patients can typically expect professional teeth cleaning, removing of plaque or tartar, and an oral examination. If Dr. Silvers decides it would be in your best interests, he may take an X-Ray for a more thorough inspection of your dental health.

Contact Dr. Silvers for General Dentistry

If you would like to learn more about how you could protect your teeth and avoid costly dental procedures in the future with regular general dentistry visits, contact our Harrisburg dental practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Silvers. We are here to help our patients live healthy, happy lives.

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One of the best dentist offices I've ever been a patient of. They are super friendly and very professional. The dental office is clean and nicely kept. They are genuinely concerned that you are not under pain or any kind of stress. Go visit now! You won't regret it!

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