Dental Crowns Can Restore Your
Smile’s Youthful Health 

We offer dental crowns and bridges at our Harrisburg office for a simple reason: they are highly effective, affordable, and attractive solutions for the treatment of damaged or missing teeth. Failing to properly treat damaged or missing teeth can severely affect both your oral and overall health: If you are missing a tooth, it can lead to malocclusion, as the teeth surrounding the gap will migrate over time to fill the void, which can lead to complications such as TMD and speech impairment; by comparison, a damaged tooth can impair the function and appearance of your smile and place you at greater risk for oral health complications such as periodontitis (gum disease) or an infected root canal. With dental crowns and bridges, the team at our Harrisburg dental office can prevent these conditions from occurring, alleviate or eliminate symptoms related to the impairment, and restore the health, function, and appearance of your smile.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Silvers regarding your oral health, please don’t hesitate to contact Silvers Family Dental Care today. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our patients with care of the highest quality, and patient satisfaction is important to us. You can rest assured that we will treat you not just as a patient, but as a member of our family – consider us your partners in maintaining your dental health.

Placing Dental Crowns and Bridges

The placement procedure for dental crowns and bridges is very similar. Both individual crowns and dental bridges are anchored to existing teeth; in the case of a crown, only the affected tooth need be modified, while in the case of dental bridges, the teeth surrounding an existing gap must be modified to secure the bridge in place. Whether you are having a dental crown or bridge placed, expect to visit our Harrisburg practice on several occasions over the course of your treatment, as the placement process involves the following steps:

•    Taking an Impression – As with porcelain veneers, the placement of a dental crown or bridge requires that the teeth being treated be modified to accommodate the prosthetic. In the case of a dental crown, damaged or decayed tooth material is removed and the tooth is reshaped so that the crown can be placed over top of it. When placing dental bridges, the teeth on either side of the gap are reshaped in a like fashion so that they can accommodate the anchoring crowns. Once the teeth have been modified and reshaped, an impression will be taken.

•    Placing a Temporary Restoration – To protect your teeth while your permanent restoration is being fabricated, and to ensure that you enjoy full functionality while you wait to receive your crown or bridge, temporary prosthetics will be secured to the teeth to act as placeholders. A temporary dental boding agent will be used for the placement of your interim restorations so that they can be easily removed.

•    Designing and Fabricating the Dental Crown or Bridge – Our dental prosthetics are fabricated in a dental laboratory by skilled and experienced ceramists. The design is based on the impressions we take of your teeth, so that your dental prosthetics match your surrounding teeth flawlessly. We are committed to designing dental crowns and bridges that fit into the mouth perfectly, not just in fit, but in finish as well. Our aim is to provide you with a dental prosthetic that takes the place of your natural tooth in every facet possible.

•    Placing the Permanent Crown or Bridge – When your prosthetics are complete, you will return to our Harrisburg dental office to have your temporary dental crown or bridge removed, and replaced with the permanent version. After the prosthetic has been placed over the tooth, it is secured in place with dental bonding material. The resin is then hardened with a special dental lamp so that it quickly sets. In the case of a crown, the prosthetic is secured directly atop the affected tooth; in the case of a bridge, the prosthetic will be secured on both sides of the gap being treated, and the pontic will be affixed to the gum tissue with dental resin to prevent bacterial encroachment.

This multi-step process is typically completed in just two or three visits to our dental office. Though a simple and minimally invasive procedure, we are happy to offer sedation dentistry to calm any of our patients who may experience dental phobia.

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Are you missing a tooth? Do you have a tooth that is severely damaged or decayed? If so, we urge you to contact Silvers Family Dental Care today to learn more about your options. With dental crowns and bridges, the team at our Harrisburg office can rejuvenate your smile and restore your oral health, and in the process, provide you with a new lease on life. 

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