Dental Care for Seniors: Healthy Smiles in Your Golden Years By Dr. Silvers on September 29, 2015

An elderly couple at homeHere at Silvers Family Dental Care, we are proud to provide patients in and around Harrisburg with some of the finest advanced dental care in the area. This includes restorative dentistry to improve health and wellness as well as cosmetic care.

All dental procedures are tailored to meet the needs of the patient. One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to dental care needs is the patient's age. It's with that in mind that we want to consider the common dental care services for patients who are elderly.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is a common issue that elderly patients often face as part of the aging process. There are many appliances that may be used to replace missing teeth. The use of dental bridges and dentures is not uncommon, for instance, and can restore a patient's ability to bite, chew, and smile with confidence.

Restoring Decayed or Damaged Teeth

Another common issue that comes with advanced age is serious tooth decay and tooth damage. This is to be expected given the years of wear and tear that can affect the teeth over time. Plenty fo dental restorations can be used to rebuild damaged tooth structure, including dental fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns.

Options for Good Periodontal Health

When it comes to addressing periodontal health, the elderly have a number of issues to consider. For one, there are often problems with gum recession related to advanced age. In addition, many elderly patients run a greater risk of suffering from gum disease. Thankfully there are many options out there for treatment.

To address gum disease the use of antiseptic medications and rinses is not uncommon. As for gum recession, gum grafting and soft tissue augmentation may be considered. These matters can be discussed in more detail during your visit.

Treating Advanced Jaw Problems

The stress placed on the jaw joint over time can lead to issues with the overall health, alignment, and proper functioning of the jaw. In some cases, patients may be dealing with a TMJ disorder or the effects of osteoarthritis. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of treatment options to consider for advanced jaw joint problems, many of which are minimally invasive.

Taking Dry Mouth Seriously

Dry mouth is more common with advanced age. The thing is, dry mouth can mean more than inconvenience; it can actually be the sign of a serious medical problem. Because of this, we will take all cases of dry mouth seriously, running tests to check for serious health issues and offering solutions for dealing with the day-to-day inconveniences of dry mouth.

Screenings for Oral Cancer

The risk of oral cancer increases as patients get older. As part of treating elderly dental patients, we always wake time to ensure that there is a full screening for potential oral caners. This is our way of being safe given the dental care needs of elderly patients.

Routine Checkups and Dental Cleanings

The routing checkup is still an important part of good dental care and dental health. This is why even in your golden years, it's important to visit your dentist twice a year for regular dental maintenance.

Schedule a Consultation at Silvers Family Dental Care

To learn more about dental care options during your golden years, it's important that you contact our dental care center today. The team at Silvers Family Dental Care look forward to your visit and helping you have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible.

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