Who Is a Good Candidate for Invisalign®? By Dr. Silvers on May 17, 2011

If you have teeth that are crooked, you know just how much this can affect your smile. You may feel self-conscious around others, even people you know well. You may be hesitant to smile or open your mouth in public. In some cases, your crooked teeth may also cause some other dental problems since misalignment of the teeth can put strain on various structures in your mouth, such as the teeth themselves, the gums, the jawbone, and the jaw joint. For this reason, visiting a Harrisburg, PA cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Warren Silvers Sr. or Dr. Warren Silvers III is important to help address issues related to tooth alignment.

In the past, braces were the surefire solution to help straighten out a smile. Some people felt a bit self-conscious about the brackets and wires involved in treatment, however, and these metal appliances could irritate the gums and be a hassle. Now, there’s a fine alternative to traditional braces, and that alternative is Invisalign®. Invisalign® at our Harrisburg, PA practice is quite popular with teenagers and adults who want to get the results of braces without the unsightliness and trouble of braces.

The Invisalign® system uses clear plastic aligners to help straighten the teeth. These aligners are custom-fitted to a patient’s mouth. These Invisalign® aligners are to be worn at all times save for when the patient is eating or sleeping. Every two weeks, a patient receives a new Invisalign® that will help gradually shift their teeth into proper position.

In essence, good candidates for Invisalign® are patients who have healthy teeth and gums and have teeth that are slightly crooked or misaligned. If a patient has teeth that are severely misaligned, Invisalign® will not be a good option. Older teenagers and adults are great candidates for Invisalign®. Children and young teenagers, however, may not be good candidates for Invisalign® since many structures in their mouth are still growing. Patients with overbites or underbites will not benefit from Invisalign® and will need to undergo different orthodontic procedures to address those issues.

To find out if Invisalign® is right for you, it’s important that you come to Silvers Family Dental Care for a consultation. When you meet with our dentists, we can also discuss other options for treatment such as Harrisburg, PA teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. To schedule that consultation with the Silvers, contact our Harrisburg, PA cosmetic dentistry practice today.

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